Local Professional Exterior Cleaning
Power/Pressure Washing & Soft-Washing Services

You name it, we clean it! 

DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING is dedicated to providing high quality exterior soft-washing, power/pressure washing & gutter cleaning services to Swansea & South West Wales. Take a look below to find out the cleaning services we specialize in. Please feel free to get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.

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Local Pavement Cleaning swansea

Paths, Walkways & Pavement Cleaning

When it comes to paths & pavements DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING has got you covered. Once professionally cleaned surfaces can be post treated with a biocide treatment to help keep your walkways looking cleaner for longer, speak to us to find out more.

Local Patio Cleaning Swansea, Llanelli

Block Paving, Flag Stones, Slabs & Patio Cleaning

Stonework can become dull & filled with weeds overtime, algae makes surfaces slippery & dangerous, but don't worry DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING will bring back those amazing colours & get rid of the the pesky weeds, leaving your pavers looking like new.

Feel free to get in touch with us to ask about our patio repointing services or range of Resiblock paving block sealers, to keep your paving looking cleaner for longer & prevent dirt and organic growth build up.

Local Brick cleaning Swansea

Stairs, Steps, Pillars, Partitions & Wall Cleaning

The front of your property is one of the first things people see. Make a good first  impression & prevent dangerous slip hazards by keeping stairs, pillars and walls nice & clean. 
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING is committed to getting the job done. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Local efflorescence removal Swansea, Llanelli

Efflorescence Removal & Preventative Treatment 

Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts that can form when water is present in or on brick, concrete, stone, stucco & other building surfaces. It has a white or greyish tint & consists of salt deposits left behind when water evaporates. Though in most cases this causes no damage, safe removal can really enhance the appearance of any building.

DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING will remove efflorescence efficiently & safely. Once cleaned an optional sealant can be applied to prevent recurring efflorescence. This may indicate an ongoing problem of water intrusion that needs to be addressed before it causes permanent damage to the structure, known as sub florescence. 

Local Render cleaning Swansea

Pebbledash, Cement & Render Cleaning

New render & pebbledash becomes discoloured and filthy over time & be notoriously difficult to clean due to the fact that high pressure causes damage & low pressure washing using cold water takes a long time & doesn't do a great job.

Here at DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING we use a low pressure hot jet washing system along with a soft-wash treatment, to effectively clean these surfaces whilst causing no damage to your property. Using the correct methods & soft-wash treatments we are able to clean away stains, dirt & grime. Leaving it ready for repainting or ready for those beautiful hanging baskets to be hung & displayed.

local Wooden decking cleaning Swansea

Cleaning Decking, Fences & Partitions

Clean up leaves, avoid slippery dangerous surfaces & restore the original colours to your wood, metal, composite decking & partitions.
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES will get your decking, fences & partitions looking great and ready for any garden party to be the envy of all your guests.
Don't forget to ask about our biocide soft washing treatments that keeps clean surfaces looking brighter for longer or our oil & stain recommendations.

Local Shed cleaning Swansea

Garages, Outbuildings & Shed Cleaning

Don't let the sheds or garage take away from the shine of your home or premises use DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES to make sure that all your outbuildings enhance the overall appearance of your property & your environment. 

Local Conservatory cleaning Swansea

Skylight, Greenhouse & Conservatory Cleaning

Get the most out of your conservatory or green house. These areas of your property can be notoriously difficult to clean due to their delicate nature yet awkward hard to reach areas. DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES have a variety of long reach equipment to clean the surfaces efficiently, safely. So you can enjoy those hot summer days looking out from your clean windows at the garden or those cosy nights gazing at the stars.

Local Window cleaning Swansea

Doors, Frames & Window Cleaning

Glass Is prone to getting dirty and UPVC moulding & frames are a great breeding ground for mould spores & bacteria.  
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES, clean windows & frames using deionised (smart water). Due to the lack of minerals left in the water it, pulls dirt away from the surface like a magnet, to leave them squeaky clean, bright & spot free.


We offer both traditional & modern long reach W.F.P. techniques up to 35foot. Your UPVC doors & frames will leave neighbours wondering if they have just been newly fitted. 

Local Gutter cleaning Swansea

Downpipe & Gutter Cleaning

Gutters & downpipes get dirty over time & leave your property looking neglected, along with debris build up, causing blockages leading to leaks. This can cost hundreds or thousands to repair.

Luckily DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING has the expertise and skills necessary to tackle gutter cleaning professionally. Whether it's blocked UPVC downpipes that could do with a clean or cast iron guttering that needs to be prepared for a repaint. Don't put it of any longer as this can lead to more expense. Call us today for exterior gutter cleaning & ask about our gutter sky-vac service for internal gutter cleaning for exceptional results.

Local soffit facia cleaning Swansea

Cladding, Soffit & Fascia Cleaning

Metal, wood & UPVC cladding, soffits & facials can positively affect the appearance of any property.
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES help protect your investments & keep these surfaces clean, to help you stand out from the crowd. Giving you great curb appeal & saving you time, allowing you to get on with your business & time spent with loved ones. 

Local Roof cleaning softwash Swansea

Chimney & Roof Cleaning

Roofs are one of the most expensive parts of your property, unfortunately lichen & moss build up cause damage to tiles & shingles, when moss freezes & expands it cracks tiles & cause leaks. This can lead to costly expensive repairs.


Roofing companies used to try selling homeowners new roofs for thousands of pounds, for both moss & discoloration. But by carefully removing the moss build up & applying a biocide treatment to your roof, you will be able to maintain your roof tiles & shingles at a fraction of the cost. Restoring their original vibrant colour saving you thousands of pounds.

Though some companies will opt to pressure wash your roof, using high pressure can cause a lot more damage than good or lead to more damage & leaks in the future. Here at DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING most cases we opt to safely remove moss build up using professional grade roof cleaning tools, followed by a low pressure specialist chemical soft-wash application. 

The soft-wash biocide treatment used will kill of any remaining moss & bacterial spores, that causes lichen, algae, liverworts, moss to grow & help prevent bacterial growth in the future. It will also brighten your roof leaving it cleaner for longer. Making your property stand out for all the right reasons, while maintaining the integrity of your roof. We also carry out roof inspections to help look for any damage to roofs & chimneys. Feel free to ask about our skyscraper & biocide packages. 

Local Bear garden pressure washing Swansea

Power/Pressure Washing Balconies & Beer Gardens

Private balcony, commercial beer garden or gazebo, get it professionally cleaned, DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES is committed to getting it done, saving you time & effort, so you and your guests can enjoy the great outdoors & enjoy a nice clean inviting environment.

local tarmac cleaning resealing Swansea

Asphalt/Tarmac Cleaning & Restoration

Tarmac becomes dull, fragile & prone to cracking, allowing weeds to grow & the surface to crumble. Using high pressure or the wrong chemicals will cause severe damage or preeminent staining to the surface.
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES recommend only cleaning the surface professionally using low pressure hot water power washing equipment. Followed by a complete tarmac and asphalt sealer application. This will maintain your driveway & make it look like new again, call us now for more details. 

local Block driveway cleaning Swansea

Concrete, Resin, Clay Block Driveway Cleaning

Driveways are one of the first things people notice about your property, so make a great first impression. Did you know that a clean driveway can add an extra 15-20% on your property valuation. 
Over time driveways become dull, dirty, stained, full of weeds & other bacterial growth, taking away from your beautiful property. 

DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES specialise in driveway cleaning, using only  professional grade power washing equipment we will get your driveway looking good as new with exceptional results.

We always re-sand block driveways using kiln dried sand, as this is extremely  important after power/pressure washing to prevent movement, subsidence between the blocks & to protect the bedding that the blocks are laid on. We also offer optional Resiblock sealant applications for your driveway or patio, to help protect them.

Localn moss roof pressure washing Swansea

Organic Growth (Moss, Mould, Algae, Fungi, Liverworts & Lichens) Cleaning & Removal

Organic growth such as moss, algae, fungi, liverworts & blackspot etc. DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING recommend using a soft washing & biocide treatment after a deep thorough clean. This prevents & protects those clean surfaces from harbouring micro spores that allow the bacteria to grow. Speak to us today to find out more about soft washing & to get a free no obligation quote. 

Local Pool hot tub cleaning Swansea

Hot Tubs, Ponds, Fountains & Pool Cleaning

Pools, ponds & fountains cleaned, look no further than DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES.
Using our specialist pressurised hot power washing system, water is heated above 150°c & the correct pressure gives outstanding clean results while disinfecting pools ponds & fountains. This eliminates the use of harsh chemicals & conventional high pressure washing.

Please note that chemicals can be toxic to birds & pond life, because of this our business will not use chemicals to clean these surfaces, instead we rely on the quality and power of our professional steam power/pressure wash equipment to do the job & leave outstanding results.


We also recommend that chlorine & pH levels be checked when swimming pools & hot tubs are refilled. 

Local Garden furniture cleaning Swansea

Cleaning Garden Furniture & Accessories

Don't let the small things in the garden ruin the overall appearance & protect those expensive investments. If it's plastic, wood, glass or metal furniture DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES are more than happy to clean them all, you can count on us. 

local statue cleaning Swansea

Decorative Ornaments, Sculptures & Statue Cleaning & Restoring

Don't let your beautiful artwork fade away into the background, let it express its self & become a statement piece in your garden once more. Ornaments & statues can become faded & worn if not properly cared for, though can be difficult to clean due to their delicate nature.

We make sure to take the upmost care to look after your artwork using low pressure soft-wash treatments & specialist chemicals for the correct materials, leaving it free to enhance your environment. Whether it's a marble sculpture of the roman gods, a concrete ornament of your beloved pet or a bronze statue of an inspirational figure, DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES will make them all shine. 

Local Headstone Gravestone cleaning swansea

Decorative Stonework & Memorial Headstone Cleaning
(Marble, Slate, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone & Quartzite) 

Decorative Stonework & Memorial Headstones made from the following (Marble, Slate, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone & Quartzite) can be damaged using pressure washing equipment & some commonly used soft-wash and biocide treatments due to high salt levels etching away the precious delicate stone.

DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES is committed to getting the job done properly & respectfully using only specialist stone cleaners to clean decorative & memorial stones. Most cases we opt to clean headstones by hand using only specific specialist stone cleaners. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient to make sure you’re satisfied.

We treat this service with the upmost respect so you can enjoy and preserve the stonework for years to come, call us today to find out more. 

local Graffiti removal swansea

 Chewing Gum & Graffiti Removal 

Unfortunately not all graffiti artists possess the same skill as Banksy or Picasso, chewing gum covered pavements & vandals can leave premises looking a mess. 
Don't worry because when it comes to graffiti & chewing gum removal we use 8gpm hot power washing equipment. This is capable of producing super heated steam +150°c, making light work of graffiti & chewing gum. 
The most prolific graffiti vandals & most hardened chewing gum is no match, graffiti & gum is removed easily, leaving the surface looking like new again.


Once cleaned we can apply a optional anti-graffiti coating, this works by forming a clear coat barrier to provide a layer of protection. There are two options matt for hidden protection or glossy for a visible deterrent. Heated steam power/pressure washing can be used again to remove the coating if required or if the surface does get vandalized. Yet this will be difficult, due to the unique siloxane product that creates a non-stick surface, that repels graffiti paints including aerosol spray cans & permanent markers.

local oil rust stain removal swansea

Oil Stain & Rust Stain Removal/Cleaning

Oil & rust stains are some of the hardest stains to remove in the cleaning industry, both stains are tackled in a similar fashion though oil stains is almost impossible to remove with only a cold water jet washing. 
Luckily DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES uses a industrial standard Brigs & Stratton 8gpm hot power/pressure washing unit along with industrial chemical soft-wash to be able to remove 99.9% of these stains, we only use professional chemicals & proven trusted names in the industry. Hire us today & get the clean results you need & deserve.

wheelie-bin-cleaning Swansea

Bins & Bin Compounds Cleaned & Disinfected

Foul odours & stench can be unpleasant along with grime & harmful bacteria that can build up alarmingly quickly. We recommend regular cleaning, disinfecting & sterilization of bins & bin compounds. 
Fortunately DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES are more than happy to help, leaving bins & compounds fresh, disinfected, clean with a perfumed sent & more inviting for you & others to use.
Call us today to get your bins & compounds power washed.

local solar pannel cleaning swansea

Utility/Meter Boxes, Solar Heating & Solar Panel Cleaning  

Electric solar panels & solar heating don't work as efficiently as they should when they become dirty, get the most out of them by keeping them clean. DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING offer a service to help maintain optimum performance, clients can expect exceptional results. Don't forget to ask for your external utility boxes to be cleaned too. 

local play ground gym cleaning swansea

External Play Gym & Exercise Equipment Cleaning

As a parent myself I am fully aware that kids need & deserve a clean inviting environment in which they can safely play in without their parents & child minders worrying about hazards such as harmful bacteria & slippery surfaces.

Play gym equipment can be easily cleaned yet often gets neglected & playground rubber surface also known as wet pour can become discoloured and dull yet will be damaged if not cleaned correctly. 
Call DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES today to find out more about how we can safely disinfect & sterilize these surfaces using super heated steam cleaning & soft washing techniques, to bring back those vibrant colours for kids & adults to enjoy. You can expect a professional service & exceptional results.

local running tennis court cleaning Swansea

Running Track, Tennis Court, Playgrounds & Fixtures Professional  Cleaning

DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING is committed to getting the job done. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient & make sure you’re satisfied every "step" of the way.

local car park sign cleaning swansea

Power/Pressure Washing Car Parks, Community Parks, Shelters & Signs 

Looking after the community benefits everyone & creates a sense of pride and joy that people want to maintain. 
Please don't hesitate to contact DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING SERVICES to learn how we cater to the needs of each client, discuss the packages that we offer & ensure the professional results that our clients have come to expect. 

local vehicle fleet cleaning lorry van swansea

Static Caravan, Lodge & Lorry, Van/Car Vehicle Fleet Cleaning

Whether you are running a fleet of cars, vans or lorries, make a great first impression & promote your brand or business the clean way. 
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING is committed to helping you stand out from the crowd, we also clean static caravan & lodge cleaning, both private & rented. 
You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient, call us now to find out more or to arrange a package that suits your needs & requirements. 

local equipment maintenance cleaning swansea

Heavy Machinery, Agricultural & Site/Plant Equipment Maintenance Cleaning

Amazing machines require amazing cleaning along with regular maintenance to maintain & keep them running smoothly. But oil, grease, clay, acidic dirt and small stones can build up then harden that in time damage machines & equipment.


Cold water jet washing won't cut through oil & grease effectively, but using our hot power washing unit along with the correct cleaning chemicals, we cut through the grime with ease, to leave plant & agricultural equipment clean & ready for service. 
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING aims to be one of the most trusted names in the exterior cleaning industry. Call us today to learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the clean results you deserve.

local boat yacht cleaning mainenance swansea

Yacht & Boat Cleaning

Whether you're a captain on your yacht, or a pirate on your boat, become the king of the high seas & feel proud of your vessel on the water. 
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING can remove the built up barnacles, seaweed, algae & general grime. We will clean the hull, sides, deck of your ship along with any other areas required, ready for fixing, repainting & make sure its shiny & ready for summer.

Contact us today for more details about these or other cleaning services we offer.