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Local Commercial Cleaning
Power/Pressure Washing & Soft-Washing Services

You name it, we clean it! 

DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA is dedicated to providing high quality commercial exterior cleaning services to Swansea & surrounding areas. Take a look below to find out some of the exterior cleaning services we specialize in. Feel free to get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.

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concrete-cleaning-sidewalk Pavement Swansea

Paths, Walkways & Pavement Cleaning

When it comes to public paths, pavements & walkways DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA has got you covered, once cleaned surfaces can be post treated with a biocide treatment to kill any bacterial micro spores & help keep them looking cleaner for longer speak to us to find out more.

commercial shop cleaning Swansea

Cleaning Shopfronts & Building Entrances

Stonework and other surfaces can become dull and faded overtime, algae can make surfaces slippery and dangerous for potential customers & become an insurance liability. Don't worry DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA is here to help clean your store fronts & entrances so you make a great first impression, and be reassured that there are minimal hazards for your clientele. 

Feel free to get in touch with us to ask about our shopfront services & help prevent dirt and organic growth build up.

Swansea commercial cleaning

Local Corner Store & Shopping Centre Cleaning

The front of the store is the first things people see, make a good first impression & preventing dangerous slip hazards by keeping the exterior nice and clean. 
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA is committed to getting the job done. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Swansea Supermarket Cleaning

Supermarket Cleaning & Retail Outlets

Brick, concrete, stone, stucco & all other external building surfaces can be professionally cleaned. No matter the surface DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA can really enhance the appearance of any commercial building. 

Swansea pub, café cleaning

Local Café, Pub, Takeaway & Restaurant Cleaning

Some of the first words that people think of when it comes to food & drink is cleanliness & sanitation. Unfortunately most exterior surfaces become filthy and unsanitary over time and can be notoriously difficult to clean and disinfect due to their structure, also high pressure will cause damage and low pressure cold water takes a long time & doesn't do a great job.

Here at DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA we use a low pressure hot water system along with a soft-wash treatments to effectively clean pub/restaurant furniture & exterior surfaces preventing damage. We are able to clean away stains, dirt & grime, leaving surfaces clean and disinfected.

Mc Donald's Swansea cleaned fast-food

Local Fast Food Outlets, Butchers,
Bakeries, Drive through/Carpark Cleaning

local hotel cleaning swansea

Local Hotel & B&B Exterior Cleaning/Maintenance

wedding venue Swansea cleaning

Local Wedding Venue, Castle
& Manor House Cleaning

local cleaning Swansea commercial

Cleaning Theme Parks, Museums & Local Attractions

local leisure caravan park cleaning Swansea

Local Camping Sites, Leisure/Caravan Parks Cleaning/Maintenance

Comercial cleaning-Swansea

Playground, Tennis Court & Skatepark Cleaning

As a parent myself I am fully aware that kids need and deserve a nice clean inviting environment in which they can safely play in without their parents & child minders worrying about hazards such as harmful bacteria and slippery surfaces.

Play gym equipment can be easily cleaned yet often gets neglected and playground rubber surface also known as wet pour can become discoloured and dull yet will be damaged if not cleaned correctly. 
Call DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA  today to find out more about how we can  disinfect and sterilize these surfaces and bring back those vibrant colours for kids and adults to enjoy, you can expect a professional service & exceptional results.

Swansea-arena cleaning

Public Parks, Local Stadiums & Arena

commercial garage cleaning swansea

Commercial Garages & Local Workshop Cleaning

factory warehouse cleaning Swansea wales

Local Factory & Warehouse Cleaning/Maintenance

loading bay cleaning Swansea

Professional Loading Bay & Storage Bay Cleaning

fuel station Swansea cleaning

Local Service Stations, Petrol/Fuel Stations
& Car Wash Cleaning/Maintenance

Swansea marina commercial cleaning

Cycle Path, Bridge, Marina, Dock Fixtures & Pier Deck Cleaning/Maintenance

Kennel Stable Barn cleaning Swansea

Local Kennel, Stable & Animal Barn Cleaning & Sterilisation

plant-machinery-cleaning Swansea

Heavy Machinery, Agricultural & Site/Plant Equipment Maintenance Cleaning

Amazing machines require amazing cleaning along with regular maintenance to maintain and keep them running smoothly. But oil, grease, clay, acidic dirt and small stones can build up and harden that in time damage machines and equipment.

A cold water jet wash won't cut through oil and grease effectively, but using our hot water power wash unit along with the correct cleaning chemicals it cut through the grime with ease, to leave plant and agricultural equipment clean and ready for service. 
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA aims to be one of the most trusted names in the exterior cleaning industry. Hire us today and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the clean results you need and deserve.


Static Caravan, Lodge, Lorry, Van/Car Vehicle Fleet/Showroom Cleaning

Whether you are running a fleet of cars, vans or lorries, make a great first impression and promote your brand or business the clean way. 
DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA is committed to helping you stand out from the crowd, we also clean static caravans & lodges both private and rented. 
You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient, call us now to find out more or to arrange a package that suits your needs and requirements. 

Swansea church commercial cleaning

Church, Chapel & Cemetery Cleaning
(Registered/Listed Buildings)

church yard headstone cleaning Swansea

Decorative Stonework & Memorial Headstone Cleaning(Marble, Slate, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone & Quartzite) 

Decorative Stonework & Memorial Headstones made from the following (Marble, Slate, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone & Quartzite) can be damaged using high pressure & some commonly used soft-wash and biocide treatments due to the high salt levels etching away the precious delicate stone.

DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA is committed to getting the job done properly & respectfully using only specialist stone cleaners and the correct low pressure to clean decorative & memorial stones. Most cases we opt to clean headstones by hand using only specific stone cleaners. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient to make sure you’re satisfied.


We treat this service with the upmost respect so you can enjoy and preserve the stonework for years to come, call us to find out more. 

Ornament cleaning Swansea

Decorative Ornaments, Sculptures, Statue & Monuments Restoration Cleaning/Maintenance

graffiti-removal-services- Swansea

Chewing Gum & Graffiti Removal/Cleaning

Unfortunately not all graffiti artists possess the same skill as Banksy or Picasso, chewing gum covered pavements & vandals can leave premises looking a mess. 
Don't worry because when it comes to graffiti & chewing gum removal DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA 8gpm, super heated steam +150°c hot power wash equipment really comes into its own. 
The most prolific graffiti vandals and the most hardened chewing gum is no match, graffiti & gum is removed easily, leaving the surface looking like new again.


Once cleaned we can apply a optional anti-graffiti coating that works by forming a clear coat barrier to provide a visible layer of protection. Heated steam cleaning can be used again to remove the coating if required or if the surface does get vandalized again, yet it will be difficult to do so as the unique siloxane product creates a non-stick surface that repels most graffiti & paints including aerosol spray cans & permanent markers.

School collage university cleaning Swansea

School, Collage & University
Campus Cleaning/Maintenance

Swansea hospital Cleaning

Local Doctors Surgery, Pharmacy, Community Hospital & Care Home Cleaning/Maintenance

Swansea Commercial Cleaning

Local Council/Social Housing, Shared Accommodation, Student Flats, Library's &Community Centre Cleaning/Maintenance

bus stop cleaning Swansea

Local Bus Stop, Train Station & Taxi Bay Cleaning/Maintenance (Public Transport)

Swansea crown court commercial cleaning

Local Government/Public Sector Building Cleaning/Maintenance

Business offices Swansea Cleaning

Local Exterior Office Cleaning &
Business Centre Maintenance

Commercial bin cleaning Swansea

Foul odours and stench can be unpleasant along with grime & harmful bacteria that can build up alarmingly quickly. We recommend cleaning, disinfecting & sterilization of bins and bin compounds. 
Fortunately DAVIES EXTERIOR CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES SWANSEA are more than happy to help, leaving bins & compounds fresh, disinfected & clean and more inviting for you and others to use.
Hire us today to learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Local Bin & Bin Compound Cleaning & Disinfecting

Contact us today for more details about these or other cleaning services we offer.

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